The art of living

an unusual experience

Lobna Liverneaux thinks cooking as an emotional act. By associating painting and poetry, all the senses are awakened.
And all pleasures are there in excellence.
For a true moment of sharing.

During each themed dinner, the Chef offers guests an unusual experience, that to shake a time, their perception of the world.
And if you, too, you let yourself be surprised by the « cuisine émotionnelle » ?

À propos de fabienne

One thought on “The art of living
an unusual experience

  1. Dear readers
    I would like to share the experience with you. I was lucky enough to come to the exceptional kitchen of Lobna liverneaux, the food was amazing not only delicious but mixed with love and emotions. The artistic flavour has enriched the whole dinner experience. No words can explain it. My advice to you is
    you must try it.
    Lobna I wish you all the best

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