Thierry Jochum

Born in 1981 in Alsace, Thierry Jochum has always loved art in all its forms.

Egon Schiele and Gustave Klimt are his first references. A pictorial universe prone to a particular imagination of the human body.

As part of his applied arts studies, he chooses to detach himself to create an imaginary free from any technical constraint.

Pluridisciplinary, he develops his art in various forms.

Currently hairdresser, he perceives the hair as a medium and presents different performances on the occasion of St’art, the contemporary art fair of Strasbourg, where models and hair become a form of expression. His performances are the interconnection between the medium, the model and the spectator.

He uses the brushes to express a certain carnal violence of the male body.

Like the breach of a sculpture, he translates its crack through the male body on raw supports. A palette of cold colors to face the spectator, allows him to strike and expose himself.


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