Bernard Stoloff

Journalist (Combat, Radio Suisse Romande..1968-1971), writer (“Claude Nicolas Ledoux autopsy of a Myth” 1977), research director (CORDA-Ministry of Culture 1975-1977), professor at the École d architecture of Strasbourg (1976-1999), director of bank (1978-2008) … .. An atypical life which filled me, and which continues well.

First of all, the chance to discover Cartier-Bresson, BrassaĂŻ, Lartigue, Evans’s photo books from an early childhood.

Passion that catches me about 8 years ago with the discovery of what is called “street-photography”.
Since then, a path of effort of pleasure and research.
At the moment, a work on the surgical art approached aesthetically in B & W.
Photographing becoming progressively indispensable, irrepressible.

Go beyond appearances. Give me the possibility of a discovery of the Other, its realities, its diversities, its mysteries.
To enrich oneself with one’s differences.
Propaganda form of tolerance, for a world of astonishment and humility.
Willingness to contribute to the approximation of our lives scattered in the illusion of a globalized planet.

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